Farm Worker Jobs in Canada (10 Position)

 Dhariwal Farm Ltd is hiring Farm Worker Jobs in Canada on an immediate basis. The location of the job is Genesee, AB. The company offers full-time permanent job positions with a lot of other facilities.

Job Description:

The farming industry in Canada provides diverse and important job opportunities. An essential role in the sector is that of a farm worker, which requires specific skills and knowledge to be successful. This article will provide an overview of the farm worker job description and its responsibilities.

Farm workers are responsible for various aspects of crop production, such as planting, cultivating, harvesting, packing, storing and loading crops. They need to operate specialized equipment such as tractors for plowing or cultivating soil; irrigation systems for water distribution; and harvesters for crop gathering.. In addition to these tasks they may need to maintain farm buildings and equipment by cleaning stalls, repairing fences etc

Required Education:

No degree, certificate or diploma

Required Experience: 

No experience is Needed, experience an asset

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Responsibilities & Skills:

Following are the responsibilities of Farm Workers.

1. Farm workers must understand cultivation and harvesting techniques, as well as being able to operate machinery such as tractors or other tools. 

2. Knowing when crops need planting, irrigating, and fertilizing is essential for farm workers to remain efficient during peak times. 

3. From weeding fields correctly to correctly tagging animals for sale or slaughter, attention to detail is key for farmworkers in carrying out their duties accurately. 

Apply Method:

Interested applicants will apply for Farm Worker Jobs in Canada. Attach related certificates, educational testimonials, experience certificates, skills certifications, and recent pictures. Therefore, forward the updated CV with a complete job description.

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