General Farm Worker Vacancy Available in Canada

  • Location: Sukhi Dhillon Farm LTD. Richmond, BC Job Status: General Farm Worker
  • Job Type: Full Time/40 hrs. per week  
  • Vacancies: 5 
  • Salary: $15.20/hr. 

Sukhi Dhillon Farm LTD. provides new opportunities for you to try your luck once again to get a suitable job according to your skills and qualifications. It offers you five vacancies of general farm workers you can apply to and earn a better living for yourself. Following are some important details that you need to know about this job:

Job Requirements: 

The requirements for the job are:

  1. The candidate must be proficient in speaking English.
  2. A diploma, certificate, or degree is required for the application. 
  3. No prior experience in the field or related area is required.

Duties on Job: 

The selected candidate is assumed to perform the following tasks: 

  1. He will be required to plant, cultivate, irrigate, and irrigate crops. Also, he must know how to fertilize and spray the crops. 
  2. The candidate will be required to operate and maintain all the farm machinery and equipment. 
  3. He will be knowledgeable about changing weather conditions, as he will have to detect the health problems and diseases in crops, livestock, and poultry. 
  4. He must know how to examine the produce for the quality and also prepare for the market. 
  5. He will have set and monitor the water lines, airflow, and temperature in the pens, barns, and chicken coops. 
  6. Additionally, he will have to write daily progress reports. 

Worksite conditions: 

The candidate must make up their mind to work in a fast-paced environment that is physically demanding. Also, he must be vigilant enough to pay attention to each detail. Furthermore, he must prepare himself for long hours of bending, kneeling, and crouching. 

Who Can Apply? 

Anyone who is legally allowed to work in Canada can apply for this job. If, in any case, the employer finds you unauthorized for the job, you will not be considered for the post. 

How to Apply? 

To apply for the job, you can visit [email protected] and perform the required actions.