Security Guards for Hotels jobs in uae

A jon opportunity for a security guard to record the names of visitors, patrol the property in Dubai. If he spots any trespassers, he must apprehend them. Security guard will also ensure that our property is protected and frequently monitors the outside and inside of our office.

They should be aware of their surroundings at all times. The security guard needs to be alert, aware, and attentive at all times. The security guard also needs to be friendly, kind, respectful, honest, trustworthy, reliable, patient and hardworking.

Security Guards Job Details:

Total Vacancies: Unspecified

Expected Salary: UAE Dirham 2501-3000

Location: Dubai

Job Type: Full-Time

Experience: 2 years atleast

Duties & Responsibilities:

Duties a and responsibilities of a security guard are as follows:

  • One of the key responsibilities of a security guard is to check IDs and names of visitors. This ensures that only authorised individuals are allowed access to your property.
  • The security guard ensures the integrity and safety of the company and its property.
  • Applicant must be knowledgeable in the use of various security systems and alarms.
  • Applicant should have excellent communication skills.
  • The ideal candidate should be able to interact positively with residents, guests, and vendors.
  • Duties include patrolling the premises, monitoring surveillance systems, handling emergencies and ensuring the safety of visitors.
  • To listen, learn and implement security procedures for the company.


Experience: Working As A Security Guard With 2 Years Of Working Experience.

Education: No Higher Education Needed But Candidate Must Know How To Write.

Skills & Knowledge:

Following Skills And Knowledge required:

  • Obey all rules of the organization where security guard is placed.
  • Maintain discipline among workers.
  • He must have Knowledge of different laws related to personal safety, crimes, human rights, social problems, ethics that are causing security problems in the society.
  • He should have knowledge about different types of fire equipments, fire fighting process and fire prevention measures.
  • He should know how to use various types of fire arms used in security guards department.
  • They also maintain logs, records, and periodic reports related to security activities.

How to apply:

This job is open to males and females. Interested applicants should give their CVs to the HR department  through whatsapp number  +971505748110 or you can send cv to this email [email protected]