Requirements Needed to Apply for Canadian Visa

You and Your Family Can Get a Canadian Visa According To The New Immigration Policy If You Have These Requirements.
You want a Canadian visa! That’s why you have opened this article. I will tell you in detail all the essential steps you need to follow to get a Canadian visa for work or for simple migration. Along with that, I will also tell you the amount of money required to fulfil the process of visa-making. All the information given to you in this article is as per the new policy and new rules and regulations of Canadian immigration.
General Information Regarding Canada:
Located in the northern part of North America, Canada has ten provinces and three territories, covering 9.98 million square kilometers. Canada’s population is 37.06 million as of 2018. Its major languages are English and French.
There are several different requirements needed for you to apply for a Canadian Visa. I have listed them below for you.
• Educational Requirements
• Financial Requirements
• Offer letter-the most important element
• Procedural Requirements
Educational Requirements:
. According to the new policy of Canadian migration, you need to have at least a degree of Bachelors in order to apply for Canadian immigration. If you are an individual who has some valuable experience of a clerical job, it will be beneficial and useful for you in the immigration process.
Secondly, their policy’s main focus for immigrants is on the English Language. They require a good command on the English Language from you. The process to check and test your English Language skills is through the IELTS platform. You need to have “general category IELTS” with at least the minimum passing score.
Financial Requirements:
As per the new immigration policy of Canada, you should have around $5000 to $6000 in your bank account. The reason for that is, of course, due to the fact that the Canadian government wants its citizens to be “financially independent.” Financially Independent means that you should have an amount in your bank account that will help you survive for the first few months in Canada without you relying on the Canadian government for financial support.
Offer Letter-The Most Important Requirements for Canadian Migration:
You need an offer letter from an employer who offers jobs as per the Canadian immigration policy. When you contact the employer and succeed in fulfilling his demands and requirements, he will send the offer letter within two weeks, and only then your procedure for immigration starts.
Procedures and Procedural Requirements:
Finally, you need to get all your degrees attested. The Canadian government will do a thorough assessment of your degrees according to their educational system.
The fees of the assessment of the degree along with the cost of the visa are round about 2000 Canadian Dollars. Your whole process takes 7-8 months to complete after the requirements are fulfilled.

Although the Canadian visa process is complicated for most of you, this article has told you some easy steps and given you some simple information regarding the migration process and all the requirements you need to apply.

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